not every couple can afford to hire a full-service wedding planner to get across the finish line.

Let me guess – you’re overwhelmed by the onslaught of decisions you need to make leading up to your wedding day.

Are you ready to master wedding planning while saving thousands of dollars and hours of anxiety?

Yes??? Then you’re in the right place, love.

Hi, I’m Veronica! I work with couples to create their perfect wedding day so they can save time, avoid costly mistake and get back to living their lives.

I am a logistic lovin

wedding planning guru

Helping couples deal with multiple personalities and opinions,

to stay on track to design the wedding you’ve always imagined.

I’m here to help make your wedding planning journey as fun and fulfilling as you heard it should be – to prevent burnout, tears, or breaking down and chugging a bottle of wine locked in your closet. Yeah, that really happened.

Together, we develop a custom wedding planning blueprint that makes you more efficient, able to cope with all the things, and pleasing your families. So couples have their own styles, budgets, guest lists, and tastes reflected, and deal with unsolicted advice.

My journey started here way back when…

At the tender age of 10, I worked my first wedding. I was hired as a catering assistant by my best friend’s mother. After only one event, I was hooked despite working long hours on a precious Saturday!

Then a bit of a situation arose…there was this photographer, I was in my early 20’s and it was my first time planning a wedding for a close friend. 

A photographer she met seemed legit – he had a huge studio, professional portfolio, and a big ad in the Yellow Pages (yup, I’ve been around that long!). He was polite and responsive, so she trusted him. We met him at his studio and he didn’t seem salesy. Videography was added to her package after he persuaded my bride. 

On the wedding day, he showed up with his videographer, ate the vendor meal, took pictures then, but didn’t deliver any photos or a video as promised. He closed his studio, ceased appearing in court, and left town without a trace. My friends were cheated out of thousands of dollars as well as cherished wedding memories. They were devastated. Such drama can overwhelm a new marriage.

Can you believe it?

After 25 years as a luxury wedding planner in Washington D.C. I figured out

It takes more than creating a killer Pinterest board & binging on SYTTD to seamlessly produce a multi-thousand dollar celebration.

In fact, the most crucial decisions are made between saying “Yes!” to getting down the aisle to say “I, do”.

Important ideas about where to host your wedding ceremony and reception, which vendors to hire, and how much to spend are critical to the success of your wedding day. Nevertheless, not every couple can afford to hire a full-service wedding planner.

While a “Day of” wedding coordinator helps tie up loose ends weeks before your big day, you are left struggling to navigate through the planning process alone and are more likely to make costly rookie mistakes.

Therefore, I came up with a solution. In 2015, I founded Keep Calm And Wed On, a virtual wedding planning service that leverages my catering expertise, experience working with hotels, venues, and wedding vendors to teach couples how to plan a wedding, identify red flags, and hire the best creative partners without breaking the bank and overcome the overwhelm of pre-wedding anxiety.

things I love….


Bling & sparkly stuff

Details and personal touches that entice all five senses while showcasing outstanding food, drinks, decor and lighting to create an unforgettable ambiance. Making an impact is not about the budget, it’s about creating the right atmosphere.

I love the pretty


Travel the world with industry friends

Weddings at destination locations take you all over the world and offer you a world of adventures. The map of my travels includes Mexico, Morocco, Istanbul, Cappadocia, Italy, London, and Paris. I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.



Impressive designs

A flower design is one of my favorites, but it’s all about telling a story with intention of the artist’s impression. Its unique details, colors, and texture make it stand out.

Makes for happy day


Exceeding couples expectations

While I love a fabulous affair, it’s the nitty-gritty behind the pretty I thrive on. My specialty is listening intently to my couples and thinking outside the box to exceed their expectations. So you can plan a wedding that lasts only hours but is remembered for a lifetime.

We will definitely be a hit

Fun Facts about me:

in a nutshell


Wedding planning is my dream job


I come from a long line of academics


My eutopia is being on the beach 


Lattes & lemon drop martinis are my jam


I’m fun, adventurous & creative.


I moved to Istanbul in 2022


I’m a handy gal with a jigsaw & drill


I genuinely adore my couples

Virtual Wedding Planning

What makes it special are the details and the secret sauce.

Years of experience allow us to help couples juggle all the moving parts including your budget.

Work with seasoned planners to develop a blueprint of steps that will allow you to plan a wedding from your smartphone. We end your wedding planning burnout, and set your mind at ease, all with a single conversation. If you want someone who knows what you need before the thought even crosses your mind. Then you’re in the right place.

Full Service Virtual Wedding Planning

Mistakes are made by rookies but lucky for you, we’re not rookies

Trying to figure out what wedding planning steps you have to take, but you’re not sure what they are? You feel as if you are losing track of things and going into panic mode. You’ve realized you don’t know enough to know what you don’t know. You can rely on us to provide all the answers, the best locations to host your reception, where to find talented vendors, and money-saving strategies. We’re your therapist, cheerleader and bff all rolled into one.

Ultimate 12-Month Wedding Planning Checklist

Want to learn all our Secrets?

yes, we know you want them

Download this free master manual includes simple strategies not only laid out month-by-month (like other traditional planners), but also detailed week-by-week to keep you on track and provide you with the clarity and confidence to plan a perfect wedding.