Discover how to plan a wedding that captivates your dreams and your budget

Say “I Do” to a virtual wedding planner unveiling secret strategies from point A to wedding day for busy budget-conscious couples!

you were excited to start wedding planning and are now feeling lost

The only thing you want to do is, dream big

Do you find yourself overwhelmed, anxious with a mountain of to-dos and you have no idea what to do next?

No matter how extravagant or intimate your celebration, you can’t hide your confusion and are constantly asking yourself:

    • Are there hidden fees in my vendor contracts?
    • How do I manage my wedding budget?
    • Do I really need to mail save the dates?

As someone who has never planned a wedding before, you’ve quickly discovered…you don’t know what you don’t know.


Well, pop the champs!

You are in the right place!

Here we to transform you from

bewilderment to bliss

in minutes

because wedding planning

ought to bring tears of joy, not tears of frustration

established 2015

Say Goodbye

to stress and HEllo To

wedding planning bliss

and have your family and friends WHISPERING – “They nailed it!”

Imagine unlocking the secrets that guarantees you plan a wedding like a pro, without breaking the bank.

Imagine getting guidance from anywhere in the world! Experience instant access to a professional at your conveience without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Imagine help with managing your wedding budget so, you can overcome overwhelm and plan a wedding with confidence.

WITH US, YOU’LL HAVE all the tools you need to succeed in seconds.

    Yes, there is a easy way to organize your venue, caterer, florist, photographer,

    and band (or DJ) — our virtual wedding planners help you

    conquer your entire checklist in minutes.

    Now…let’s get you some of that

    wedding planning magic!

    what our couples are saying

    Lorin & Daniel, Bride & Groom

    I can 100% guarantee that my wedding would never have happened had she not come on board. I hired Veronica from Keep Calm And Wed On and she melted away all the concerns and stress I was feeling about planning my wedding, which allowed me to focus on everything else in my life. I loved that I can look back on my wedding day and truly say I had the time of my life! I have Veronica to thank for that, now and forever!

    Natasha & Deshon, Bride & Groom

    Before we hired a planner, we felt like I had everything under control. Also the face to face meetings, hectic schedule consumption and cost of is what held me back too. But once we realized we couldn’t do it alone and needed help, we chose virtual wedding planning because it planning gave me the flexibility to have meetings on the go. Meeting with Veronica on our laptop and my phone from home, work, and my car during breaks was super convenient. Many of my guests have said that my wedding was the best wedding they have ever been to. We started our marriage off right and can’t wait for our next biggest moment as a couple!”

    Christina, Bride

    Veronica Cole was a life saver. She made planning our wedding a breeze and a joy. We used her serives for our hotel accommodations, for our out-of-town guests, and also for wedding planning. She was amazing, professional, efficient, and fun. Always one step ahead of everyone else. She knows tons of amazing vendors and only recommends the best of the best vendors and it shows…our wedding went off without a hitch. Using her saved us a ton of money, my husband was extra pleased with that aspect. Veronica is priceless. I would recommend her to anyone she was a joy to work with!

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    We’re dishing our little black book of wedding planners’ secrets featuring insider – insider tips, tools, and tricks – wedding planners haven’t told you about. Wedding inspiration, beautiful, helpful, creative and dedicated to help you to plan a better wedding with endless inspiration.

    8 Little Known Tips To Ease Your Wedding Sticker Shock

    8 Little Known Tips To Ease Your Wedding Sticker Shock

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    Surveys say, 71 percent of couples say wedding planning is more nerve-wracking than other major life events like finding a new job.

    If you want to quit spinning your wheels and start spending your time on things that will check all the boxes, let’s do this!

    Worried you’ll make rookie wedding budget mistake? Just say the word and get peace of mind, instantly.

    From quick and convenient 1 hour consultations to full-service planning for 12 months on our all-in-one engaging platform, you are taken care of from point A to wedding day.

    We also offer day of wedding coordinators are available to look after you.

    Need a wedding planning BFF? ‘Cause that’s us!

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